The First Ladies 2019
Screenprint on 300 gsm Old Mill paper, acid free.
105 x 74 cm.
Edition of 10

Designed by Rudi Hermawan and Malcolm Smith.
Printed by Malcolm Smith and Kepet Fachriza Ansyari.
Many Gambar Oemboel series were of pop stars or famous actresses. This series also depicts a series of rich and famous women – the First Ladies of presidents around the world from the last 50 years (some of them are still in the job). Each of these First Ladies is also notable for how they have abused their power while their husbands were in office. Some set up charities and orphanages and then pocketed the majority of funds they raised. Some used their husbands’ positions to establish business monopolies. Some sequestered billions of dollars of State funds into their personal bank accounts. Some jailed or murdered anyone who disagreed with them. Nearly all of them consumed lavishly and conspicuously while their countrymen suffered.