Eldwin Pradipta
l. 1990, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta.
Eldwin Pradipta, was born in Jakarta (1990). Graduated from Faculty of Art & Design, Insititut Teknologi Bandung, majored in intermedia art studio, currently lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia. His works mainly explore video and digital projection as medium. For him, new media has an interesting position between high art and low art distinction. 

His works often focuses on the subject of populist or low art in Indonesia, in juxtaposition and dichotomized with objects and praxis of high art. The life of the people is also one of the background and recurring theme in some of his works. Through such perspective, Eldwin puts forward the disjuncture and ruptures in the order of things in the daily life in Indonesia as a third world country. 

In one most recent series of his work, Eldwin explores various issue concerning Bandung City in its relation with colonial history. Bandung, as a city which built by Dutch government in colonial era, got many direct influences from regulation and rules at that time, which then shaping its identity unconsciously. Most of what we called today as Bandung’s “culture” or “tradition” can be traced back as a heritage from its former colonizer. 

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