Ikbal Lubys
l. 1983, , .
Ikbal Lubys is an Artist, Musician, Guitar Explorer, Builder, Improvisator,  Sound Artist, and Co-founder of Ethnictro, one of the Yogyakarta based creative spaces for sound and music founded in 2008 as an independent institution for art education, music teaching & learning, and open expressions. He was born in Malang, East Java, since 2002 he moves to Yogyakarta. Formally trained western classical music and classical guitar at Indonesian Institute of Art (ISI) Yogyakarta. His work evolves transforming social issues, images, and three dimensional forms in to sound in various presentation formats.

He has been collaborated with interdisciplinary artists arround the world including performing art, visual art, dance, and film, among them is Meg Stuart, Melati Suryodarmo, Arco Renz, The Kazimier, Laurie Crombie, Daniel Kotter, DJ Lenar,  Rully Shabara, Wukir Suryadi etc. He involved in programming and mentoring in some residencies, conference, and art communities. He has been participated in several exhibition and Festival such Sidney Bienalle, Jeonbuk Museum of Art Korea, Brussel Europalia Festival, Bluedot Festival UK, Fon Festival UK, etc. In 2017 he awarded for Comission work of AND festival Manchester UK and currently he awarded for coproduction fund from Goethe Institut. He is also a member of Sangkakala band, ƎXE group of sound performance, Avantguitar experimental guitar collective, Tenggara Trio free imporvitation.
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