Rega Rahman
l. 1988, Bandung, Jawa Barat.
The second child of four siblings. Graduated from the Bandung Institute of Technology majoring in Fine Art (Printmaking Studio) in 2012. At the beginning of my artistic exploration, i likes to make monochromatic drawing, etching and woodcut with the realist approach. After graduation i began to stop dabbling in the art world because financial problem and lack of believing in art. 2012-2015 i start working in Creative industries as a Full Time Designer, storage manager, production manager, and supervisor.

Design, changing my way of thinking and work style, new things start to be explored, such as the use of many color and no longer using realistical approach with a photo as a reference drawing. The process design makes me start something new, when in the world of design that seems to happen a lot different from that previously carried me in my creative process, such as using stock image, taking from the internet, download the template and else. As happened overloading image and references in this world, in this virtual world and the real world.

The process of collecting and making images is a major part for me and my artistic process, like how i collects comic books since i was little. Digital collage from several images from internet sometimes are abstracted with design software to create a new shape without losing the full original form of the previous image. My inspiration comes from the thought about popular culture that somehow are linked to my personal life.